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Just few words about me.

My name is Jan Skrzypiec (you can call me Yahoo). I’m from Poland but I’m living in Dublin. I’m teaching and coaching swimming around 200 hundreds kids and 80 adults weekly.

Huge joy and satisfaction gives me teaching and improving your swimming skills. Water is my environment.

I used to be a competitive swimmer with great national results. I’m an instructor of swimming, coach, aqua aerobic teacher and R.L.L.S. lifeguard since 2014. I have been studied finance and accounting at the University of Economists in Krakow. I’m a positive person with huge patience and calm.

I don’t believe in not possible things. I’m also sure that everybody can learn how to swim and it is never too late for that.

I’m teaching and improves swimming techniques for children, adolescents, and adults. I can give you a private lesson in one of the five swimming pools in Dublin, which I cooperated. I also doing video stroke analyst online. If you are a more advanced swimmer, you are very welcome to join NAC Masters Swim Club, and train with me and coach Declan Harte (President of Swim Ireland).

If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact me on: jsu.swim@gmail.com

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